Project Description

High and Wild

award winning garden on many levels

This High Peak garden is in a dramatic setting. Plants are exposed to every wind and have little soil in which to root as the bedrock lurks near the surface. Drystone walls were repaired and rebuilt.

New access to all parts were made with stone steps, timber and gravel steps and paths, and a well drained gravel parking area created. There is a formal herb garden, sheltered by a hawthorn hedge. The upper garden has a sheltering hedge of native mixed species. Trellis and fencing is woven oak,  slowing the wind without creating turbulence.  New smooth sawn stone from a local quarry paves the terrace, a modern contrast to the texture of the old drystone walls. A pool and wall fountain brings some tranquility on sunny days. The planting is naturalistic, echoing the moorland on the hills above.  This garden design won Jacquetta the Principal National Landscape Award from BALI.

The judges comments

“A good example of a design for a challenging exposed site which demonstrates the designer’s clear analysis of site conditions and the clients’ requirements. The local stone walls and paving provided a real challenge to the knowledge and creativity of the designer and skill of the contractor.

Level changes have been designed into this scheme to great effect as has the creative use of lighting to enhance evening views and extend garden use. Interesting and appropriate plant selection helps to soften the attractive stone features”

National Award from BALI

High and Wild Photo Gallery