Steep gardens

Garden for a Contemporary House


The modern, cedar-clad house required a contemporary setting that enhanced the views, while keeping some existing mature shrubs and trees. Inspiration for planting came from the surrounding extensive rural landscape.  In response to the exposed position balance was sought between maximising the views and giving some shelter from the wind. Materials were chosen to [...]

Bring in the light – A Challengingly steep garden


The garden at this property rose steeply above the house, the ground floor windows faced high stone retaining walls, blocking the light. The challenge was to cut back the slope, let in the light and provide safe and attractive access to the upper areas of the garden. The design forms a semi circular sitting [...]

Leeks for Leek – A Potager front Garden


Leeks for Leek a potager for the front garden These green-fingered clients had a longing for a beautiful greenhouse and space to grow vegetables. The only sunny spot in their property was  the sloping east facing front garden.  The main access to the house was up a very steep set [...]

High and Wild Garden – High Peak


High and Wild award winning garden on many levels This High Peak garden is in a dramatic setting. Plants are exposed to every wind and have little soil in which to root as the bedrock lurks near the surface. Drystone walls were repaired and rebuilt. New access to all parts were made with [...]

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