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Services from Jacquetta Menzies

You will be guided through every process from the initial meeting to completion of your garden or landscape design.

The role of the garden designer is to imaginatively interpret your aspirations,  maximise the potential of your property and to act on your behalf to ensure the contractor completes the job according to the design and specification.

I can provide the reassurance of JCLI Consultancy Agreement and the JCLI Landscape Works Contract.

What you can expect

The initial consultation starts with a visit to your garden including a thorough examination of the terrain, situation and existing plants and features. We discuss all your garden design requirements and ideas about how you want to use your garden or landscape. I make initial suggestions as to how these can be realized. It assists the design process if you collect images and articles of gardens and planting that you like. After the meeting I will send you a written client brief and fee estimate. This clarifies the scope of the project.
A measured survey of the garden is arranged. I make a more detailed site analysis. This is an opportunity to explore further garden design ideas. The masterplan will be based on information gained at this stage.
The design is presented to you in the form of drawings showing the ideas on coloured plans, with sketches to illustrate particular features. You consider the proposals as a whole and make suggestions, amendments and give your approval. I can advise whether it is necessary to obtain Planning and Building Regulations permissions. I also have professional connections with architects and structural engineers, should their services be required.
During the next stage the designs are drawn up in much greater detail. These, together with a specification document are used to obtain accurate prices from one or more landscape contractors. They will then have the information needed to construct the project exactly as designed.
There are regular visits during the construction to make sure that progress is going as planned.
The plants will go in when the heavy work is done and will be sourced and set out according to planting plans. It can be arranged that they are planted as part of the contract or for you to do it yourself.



Environmental Benefits

The design is always created with maximum quality and minimum adverse environmental impact in mind. I can make suggestions for sustainable gardens – from rainwater collection to green roofs – so that your garden continues to be a pleasure to enjoy and maintain.

Jacquetta not only designed the gardens, she project managed the whole construction, liaising with the landscape gardening company that ‘built’ the garden, and supervised all aspects of the planting and arranging. Following the construction, Jacquetta has visited me on a frequent basis to offer advice and guidance on the maintenance of my garden, and it has been an absolute joy to keep contact with her.

Reap the rewards

Start to make the most of your outdoor space because it has been designed in a way that suits your time and energy levels. I  provide ongoing support and advice.  Do sign up for The Garden Year’ a monthly newsletter to inspire and inform.

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