Old Sandstone and New Oak – Bunbury, Cheshire 2017-04-03T08:48:36+00:00

Project Description

Old Sandstone and New Oak

a country Cottage in Bunbury, Cheshire

The existing garden was to be re-modelled after an extension to the 15th century cottage.   The design has created a spacious lawn edged with borders of traditional cottage flowers and herbs.

Morello cherry, apricot and old varieties of apple tree add to the productivity of the garden.  Old stone flags link the front door to the drive of eco-gravel (a blend of crushed bricks and stone).  Old red sandstone blocks, from a former building found on the site were used  to build retaining walls. Adjoining paving is in contrast new sawn sandstone. There is a substantial oak pergola  planted with clematis and roses.  A secret garden is paved with antique quarry-tiles, edged with wild strawberries and hedged with hornbeam  A  raised pool is sited to reflect light into the dining room.

Old Sandstone and New Oak Photo Gallery