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Le Jardin Plume

Took a trip to Normandy to see Le Jardin Plume.  It does not disappoint.  This is a proper, well proportioned, elegant garden.  Its hedges are crisp and its planting exuberant. Even on an [...]

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Squeeze those last drops of sunny pleasure to be found in the garden in October.  The michaelmass daisies and sedums will still be providing nectar for butterflies and bees.  In fact their activity [...]

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September Gardening Tips

A September flower border designed for rich colours, contrasted with silvery herbs and wispy grasses. Love your insects: September is the month butterflies and bees are active in the garden.  Look [...]

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August Gardening Tips

After all that lovely sun the rain does come as something of a relief to those of us looking after pots or anything newly planted.  Hydrangeas are the flowering stars of this month, [...]

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July Gardening Tips

Meadows are looking great this time of year. This month’s tips include some advice on how to maintain a wildflower meadow if you have one, and some suggestions of a planting mix which [...]

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Before and After

A completed garden, very recently planted.  The rectangular site was made to feel larger by curving the borders in and out again.  There is a utility area at the back behind the trellis.  Spring and [...]

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New lake

This morning I stood in the sunshine and watched swallows racing and dipping over the lake in this garden on the edge of the Peak District.  It was designed in the spring of [...]

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May Gardening Tips

The importance of an East facing bench in your garden will become apparent in May.  To sit outside in the morning sun, albeit well wrapped up, with a cup of good coffee and contemplate the [...]

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April Gardening Tips

“Gardeners have a lifetime of second chances - each Spring is a new beginning” Dr. Katherine Swift Green garden: At some point the snow and ice will retreat and the Spring will accelerate [...]

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March Gardening Tips

March according to the saying comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, it can be unpredictable with lions dominating and lambs not getting much of a look-in. But [...]

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February Gardening Tips

At last, it’s goodbye to January’s snow and there’s a chance of getting some gardening done without frostbite.  Snowdrops are coming through, hellebores are flowering, and on a sunny day, go gaze at a crocus. [...]

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