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November Garden Tips

Fennel seed heads Seedheads catch the low light of dawns and dusks.  Their structures are a delight and worth close examination, especially attractive in frosty weather. So don’t be tempted to tidy up [...]

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October Garden Tips

Michaelmas daisies and happy butterflies. Hips, haws and hollies bring spots of gleaming red among the autumn leaves.  They don’t last as the bird get them soon enough, and the hips become deflated [...]

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September Gardening Tips

Garden at Dove Cottage nurseries, Halifax. Strong colours to shine out in the softer light of autumn: These are the flowers which pick up the purples, reds and yellows of autumn leaves and [...]

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August Garden Tips

Myrtle, Luma apiculata at Logan Botanic Garden Do gardens look tired in August?  It is a commonly held view.  Certainly the freshness of early flowering perennials has passed, meadows and verges have gone [...]

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July Gardening Tips

Very neat. Keeping Up Appearances: Lawns require mowing, that goes without saying, but what about the edges and those whiskery bits round steps and trees?  Get out the half moon edging tool and/or [...]

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Peak District Garden

The lake This garden design in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire was completed in late autumn 2012.  In the last two years the fast growing herbaceous plants have established themselves well, but the larger shrubs [...]

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Open Gardens 24/25 May

The view of Rose Cottage and the Cheshire plain beyond. This weekend as part of the Bollington Festival 2014, there are some lovely gardens to visit in Ingersley Vale and Kerridge, both just [...]

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May Gardening Tips

Rhododendron luteum, also known as Azalea It is the season for weeding - the race it on to get them out and into the compost heap before they elbow out your precious perennials, [...]

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April Gardening Tips

Tulip 'Ballerina' COLOUR UP FOR SPRING! Red and orange flowers for Spring?  Why not?  Stray away from the sugar pinks and baby blues and be a bit strident!  Shrubs and bulbs are the [...]

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March Gardening Tips

Early narcissus with Ophiopogon planiscapus 'nigrescens'. Spring is slowly getting going, in fits and starts. It is the season for finding small gems among the leaf litter and evergreen foliage: pale primroses, celandine [...]

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February Gardening Tips

Wonder white birches at Anglesey Abbey. Bare boughs against a blue sky, the modest wind-pollinated flowers of willows and hazels, (pussy willows and catkins to you) - these things can bring a disproportionate [...]

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January Gardening Tips

Hamamelis x intermedia "Pallida" New Year’s Resolution:   Something to add to your New Year’s resolutions?  What about getting healthy by gardening?  There is an article in January’s edition of ‘The Garden’ magazine [...]

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December Gardening Tips

Variegated holly. Bearing Berries - December is a month for berries - the birds have not yet polished them all off.  Holly berries are really profuse this year.  Rosehips are beginning to shrivel [...]

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November Gardening Tips

still glowing:  There is still some flowers gleaming out in the low light.  Japanese anemones, fuchsia, cerastostigma (plumbago) and hydrangea, will give pleasure to the eye until they drop when the  temperature drops [...]

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